Sommerblut-Festival Köln
PREMIERE — 06.06.2019

Director: Stefan Herrmann
Assistnce Director: Stanislav LazovskiProject Management: Hanna Glaser

With an ensemble of long-time addicts.

Addiction seeks its own way. Now and then, addicts find comfort and support in faith. But addiction also seeks the meaning of it all. Why am I here? Why do I suffer? Is there any redemption from my suffering? Therefore, addiction and faith have more in common than you might think.

Long-time addicts have developed a play based on the fairy tale THE GIRL WITHOUT HANDS by the Brothers Grimm. The participants’ personal biographies are juxtaposed with the old story of a girl whose father cuts of both of her hands because he made a deal with the devil. Fairy tales usually contain cruel images, but they also often offer consolation and inspiration when it comes to mastering or regaining control over your life. The production deals with similarities and differences between the story of the fairy tale and real life- experiences of the participants.