Director: Stefan Herrmann

Dramaturgy: Nora Giese

Stage Design: Jan Patrick Brandt

Assistant Director: Silvana Buchwald

Project Management and dramaturg: Christina Sieger


Abbas Obaid, Ali Alsaleh, Fattaneh Borji, Fidan Khalil, Gode Japs, Lilia Kazaryan, Nazlie Nasso, Olja Artes, Sahar Abdulhak, Sidra Nasso, Timothée Schmude, Tristan Witzel

What does growing up mean these days? Everything has changed, we are freer, more relaxed and can deal with topics like puberty and sexuality in a totally relaxed way. Or can’t we? Are parents today still uncomprehending spoilsports and the children still hormone-controlled monsters?

THE BEAUTIFUL MINDS explores with young fugitives, locals and adults the best and at the same time the worst time of our lives: our spring awakening. It’s about the urgent questions of our youth, which were already taken up in a similar way in Wedekind’s classic over a hundred years ago. What about the first kiss and the first time? Can I ask my parents something like that, or do I learn about these issues on YouTube? Together with the participants  THE BEAUTIFUL MINDS goes to the prom for one evening and takes the audience on a journey through the turmoil of love, questions of sexuality and farewell to youth.