We cordially/heartfelt invite you to the premiere of Lord of the Flies: 16.09.2021 is the day! We will be presenting the short film as part of the Sommerblut Cultural Festival. Here you can find the Facebook event
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The participants and we are looking forward to seeing you!


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In the first week of June, the TBM team filmed with young people from Cologne Chorweiler on the grounds of the Odonien. The result are scenes for the project “Lord of the flies” which will premiere on 16.09.2021 in Odonien as part of the Sommerblut cultural festival. The project is funded by Amarena Innovationsförderung through the Bund Deutscher Amateurtheater with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media, the Ehrenfeld District Council, the Cologne Cultural Office and the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth as part of the federal programme Demokratie leben.  More information about the premiere will follow soon!

DIRT IN THE BASEMENT — Research funding


TBM has received research funding for the project “Karl Küpper – Dreck im Keller.” TBM has received research funding from the Neustart Kultur programme. Within the research, the team deals with the carnivalist Karl Küpper, carnival in the Nazi era and the questions “How resistant can art be?” and “How political is art?”.

HUNTERS AND HUNTED – Permanently Online

Together with 24 young people from the Heinrich Mann Gymnasium in Cologne Chorweiler and in cooperation with the Theater der Keller, TBM conceived the short film “Jäger und Gejagte”. Over the course of several months, the team worked online with the participants to explore the themes of isolation and community. The result is a Zoom short film that can be viewed on our website. The project was funded by Wege ins Theater.

MOSAIC 2020 — Bürgerbühne presents online in first year 

Facing challenges and looking for a new beginning – these themes have strongly accompanied us as a society in the past year and largely determined our lives. At the same time, they also formed the centre of the artistic debate in MOSAIC’s first project year. In “JONA – Stories from the Underworld”, the participants dealt with their different situations and life stories in eight individual scenes. MOSAIC was made possible by funding from the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees through funds from the Federal Ministry of the Interior, for Construction and Home Affairs. Have a look at the scenes on our project page!


© Copyright Nathan Dreesse 

The theatre project “The third Wave or What is the future of democracy?” was created together with youth and young adults from Cologne. In the course of the development of the play, we dealt with racism, extremism, discrimination and National Socialism. Based on the experiment “The Third Wave” by the American history teacher Ron Jones, we looked at the question of how extremist movements develop and which codes, manifestations and narratives they use today. With lots of additional material such as videos, interviews and articles, the theatre performance can be accessed free of charge via our website. Easy to find via Projects!