PREMIERE – 23.06.2022

Director: Stefan Herrmann

Stage and Costume Design: Veronika Witlandt

Dramaturgy: Juliane Hendes

Translation: Timea Olga Nagy

Cast: Krisztina Bajnóczi,

Edina Dénes, Brigitte Herrmann,

Sarolta Lakatos, Joschla Weiss, Béla Feka,

Mark Feka, Willi Herrmann, György Lakatos,

György János Lakatos

A remembrance performance with European Sinti:zze and Rom:nja in the EL-DE HAUS

Friend or foe? Security or danger? Individual or prejudice? – We make decisions in a flash in our everyday lives. What once upon a time made sense from an evolutionary point of view, primarily serves existing clichés today.. And Sinti:zze and Rom:nja feel this every day: they are supposed to be musical nomads or spirited dancing strangers. But what if reality deviates from the traditional idea? And what if it doesn’t? Am I musical because it is expected of me? Am I still part of my community if I can’t dance? And what does it mean to belong to one of the most unpopular minorities in Europe AND to the majority society?

Together with Sinti:izze and Rom:nja from Hungary and Germany, director and Sinto Stefan Herrmann questions how identity is created: inside or outside? And how does belonging come about? With the Hungarian dance group ‘Romano Glaszo’ he tells of double exclusion and long years of self-discovery. About the heavy traumas that the Pojramos – the Romanes word for the Holocaust of the Sinti and Roma – anchored in the families generation after generation.

With the ensemble of the Hungarian dance group ‘Romano Glaszo’ he asks: How can the visibility of one’s own identity function in a world full of prejudices? And what price am I willing to pay for my struggle to overcome resistance?

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