We are a newly founded theatre collective in Bonn and focus our work on participatory and biographical theatre work with the so-called “experts of everyday life”, here in particular on work with people with an international history. The focus is on developing new aesthetic forms that deal with the dialectics of “staged authenticity”. Play vs. real life; fake vs. reality. 

In a medium in which magic and play are inherent as a basic agreement, supposed authenticity and traditional role-playing are juxtaposed. In our participatory theatre projects, the experiences of the participants and their sustainable (re)integration into society are the focus of attention. In particular, we want to develop innovative formats for the role of the audience and help to create a theatre for the coming society.

© Foto by Marcel Wurm

Stefan Herrmann

is a theatre director and has been developing participatory and biographical theatre projects on socially relevant and explosive topics for more than ten years, always aiming to bring about transformation. For DRUGLAND (2017) he made the audience experience the real conflicts of public space first hand in a theatrical tour with professional actors and “real” drug addicts at the Cologne drug hotspot Neumarkt. In 2017 his production of MICHAEL KOHLHAAS won the Monica Bleibtreu Prize, which is renowned throughout Germany.

© Foto by Nathan Dreessen

Christina Siegert

is a project manager and dramaturg. She has worked for the Jewish Cultural Festival in Krakow, the Federal Association for Persecuted Persons under National Socialism and the inclusive cultural festival Sommerblut. Through this cooperation she was able to gain a lot of experience in the field of intercultural communication. Working together with people from different backgrounds inspires her and helps her to take on new perspectives. She has worked for many years in the organization of domestic and foreign cultural festivals and is a founding member of the collective producing Sibylle.

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Silvana Buchwald

Silvana Buchwald is a psychologist and art therapist. She returned to Germany from Spain in 2015 and works here as a supervising psychologist and art therapist for various dance and theatre projects in which, among others, migrant women, female refugees, adolescents and drug addicts have performed. As an art therapist Silvana combines different forms of artistic expression (visual arts, music, literature, dance, theatre, poetry) and aspects of human sciences (psychology, art education, philosophy, sociology) to approach healing and human development through creative expression. Working with the arts has enabled her to find spaces where human encounters are at the forefront. She is a founding member of the collective producing Sibylle and IBARTE – art therapy association.

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graduated as a scene painter at the Bühnen Köln from 2002-2005 and worked from 2005-2007 at the Bühnen Köln as a scene painter and sculptor. This was followed by studies in stage design at the Art Academy in Düsseldorf with Prof. Johannes Schütz until 2013. 2013-2015 he was assistant set designer at the Dortmund theatre. Jan P. Brandt has been working as a freelance set and costume designer since 2016, in collaboration with directors Kay Voges, Martin Schulze, Stefan Herrmann, Mariln de Haan and Sandra Reitmayer, among others.