Sommerblut-Festival KÖLN
PREMIERE — 30.05.2019
FURTHER DATES — 31.05. / 01.06.2019

Director: Stefan Herrmann
Project Management: Maria Llabres
Stage Design: Jan Patrick Brandt
Dramaturgy: Angelo Lancuba
Assistent Director: Christina Siegert

Paul Hölters, Hannah Glaser, Helena Becker, Hussam Alkhouri, Sofia Plich, 
Ursula Gittel, Judith Gittel, Varvara, Valeria, Pejman Khalidi, Taher Majidi Puja, Hang, Katharina, Lilia, Hanna, Avsin

The ring parable from the play “Nathan the Wise” by Gotthold Ephraim Lessing is a key text of the Enlightenment. In times of technological disruption and fast progessing modernization, one might think that religion and faith no longer play a role. But the opposite is true: the gods are returning and Cologne is their capital. No other German city has as many different religious communities.

The district Chorweiler is particularly representative of these. Within a very small area there live people of many different religious denominations and follow their respective religious practices. They all stand on stage as a “chorus of believers” and weave their personal stories and creeds into the famous Ring Parable by Lessing.

Stefan Herrmann goes on a research trip to a district, which is notorious and yet endearing. The “chorus of believers” is searching for answers to the eternal questions: Why do we believe? Why don’t we?