Freies Werkstatt Theater Köln
Premiere: 16.03.2016

Director: Stefan Herrmann
Stage and Costume Design: Ensemble

Faton Mistele, Sedat Mistele, Senad Mistele, Sandra Reinhardt, Alana Polak, Mark Reinhardt, Josua Reinhardt, Tuncay Sebek und Xhedo Bajraj

In the film LA HAINE, the suburbs of Paris burn – the world of the outcast and socially disadvantaged – the violence escalates. Will it happen in Germany too?

We have adapted the story to take place in modern-day Germany and in the world of Sinti and Roma  – a minority which, according to recent studies, is rejected by the majority of Germans. The continuous racism and social exclusion of Sinti and Roma is particularly relevant in times of Pegida, the mistreatment of asylum seekers by security forces in NRW and the attacks on Charlie Hebdo. Three Roma and five Sinti tell the story of the film LA HAINE juxtaposed with stories about their own personal experiences, their values and dreams for the future. Where do I belong? What is actually the difference between Sinti and Germans? How can I respect the values and traditions of both cultures and belong in both worlds? 

These questions are also the questions of young Sinti and Roma today. They find themselves torn between between a great desire to participate and be integrated into society and at the same time maintaining their own culture. In addition to this inner conflict, there is the real threat of racism and discrimination. 

In a playful and theatrical way, deeply rooted prejudices against this minority are exposed and an attempt is made to dissolve them.