Artistic Direction: Stefan Herrmann

Project Management: Christina Siegert

Filmic realization: Justus Mouse,

Jasper Sander, Blue Water Films

Photos: Nathan Dreessen


Marcelina Jarosz, Hala Kadoura,

Ronja Art, Meryam Lahnine,

Lotte Murno, Sophia Wolf


With special thanks to:

ku: space for queerfeminist dominance


Kiosk Trinkhalle at the Bonner Talweg

Julia Buchwald, Javier Morcillo, Carla

Gröschel, Lydia Penkert, Livia Fingerhut

MOSAIC is a citizens’ stage for young and old people with and without migration and refugee experiences from Bonn. Together, we develop a theater project about a socially relevant topic with the participants for one year.

To meet each other again, to get into an exchange and to create a society together that leaves room for dreams and utopias – that was the hope of all of us last year.

In the second year of the project, our participants therefore dealt with their hopes, wishes and demands with regard to living together in our society. With the focus on the social demands on women, a short film was created that questions the existing and presents new ways of living together.

How we would have loved to present the resulting scenes to you, dear audience, as a theater performance! Live. On location, in a close and intimate exchange. But 2021 did not want it that way either. The Corona pandemic has forced almost the entire cultural industry in front of the computers, thus destroying the shared experience, the shared being touched.

The short film MOSAIC was realized within the framework of the integration project MOSAIC. MOSAIC was made possible by a grant from the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees through funds from the Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building and Housing.

Whoever is interested in participating in MOSAIC is cordially invited to come to a rehearsal. It is possible to join at any time. We look forward to getting to know you! Just send us a message here.

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